Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s young, fraternal twin brother

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Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s young, fraternal twin brother

A level arrow and type-hearted naturally, he is the fresh new youngest person to actually solution the brand new Exorcist qualification test, reaching an effective Meister in Doctor and you may Dragoon, and later gets an instructor on Correct Mix Academy, where he ironically ends up exercises his older sis on the means of the new Exorcist.


Yukio has actually teal vision and you will dark brown tresses. His perhaps most obviously trait try one or two moles around his remaining eyes and something that below his mouth.

From the anime, Yukio is visible with a mysterious black mark on underneath off his kept sleeve that’s today starting to give during the his looks. This might has actually one thing to create together with his original birthright because Satan’s boy and also the Demonic efforts he had been meant to keeps distributed to Rin, as the Yukio was found undertaking their daily comparison also it reacted, nevertheless mark try never ever totally said throughout the comic strip (although Shura appeared to be alarmed by the eyes from it).

In the cartoon, given that awakening his Demonic energies within the event twenty-two, Yukio now and contains an equivalent Demonic has just like the his sister, Rin, while in the people form (age.g. this new a little directed ears and you will better puppies). While in his Devil form, the guy too possess a blue fire, elf-particularly ears, and you may fangs.


Although they is twins, Yukio is oftentimes detailed becoming the exact opposite of Rin, and Ryuji also says that he finds out it web pour rencontres site hard to think they are relevant. Yukio is mainly named silent and you may peaceful however, tend to has mood swings. He or she is always seen happily cheerful, but can effortlessly score sidetracked due to Rin’s personality conflict, and you will will get as an alternative black. The guy takes some thing certainly, but he knows a joke as he hears you to.

The guy doesn’t would you like to partake in ‘unseemly’ methods. They are usually prompt and you may lectures Rin on how best to react. As manga continues on, Yukio gets about sick and tired of their twin while the Rin features doing something one to put your at stake. When you’re Rin in the long run welcomes exactly what he is therefore the simple fact that he’s Satan’s kid, Yukio just can’t frequently take on Rin because the a brother such as for example the guy accustomed.

On the a few circumstances, they are shown to provides an extremely competitive top, whether or not they are very good at the hiding it. In the event the he is pressed too far, they can acquire an increasingly aggravated personality. His furious front side is really so intense which scares Rin when it can make itself recognized. It down to their Demonic society actually even though he did not to get Satan’s fire such as for example Rin. The things which annoy your include, but are not limited in order to, someone criticizing Shiro, Rin becoming “childish”, Shura’s teasing, are kept from the cycle, people inquiring your if the they are all right, and being called “weak”.

Regardless of if the guy and you can Rin get on, usually, Yukio is oftentimes somewhat standoffish and you may aloof for the their cousin, seeking your annoying and not preference as he does not envision some thing because of. The guy likewise has a secret bitterness on the Rin, not only due to the fact he could be a demon plus the guy off Satan, but also since the he seems Rin is certainly one accountable for the adoptive father’s passing.

Yukio arrive at feel upset because of their own “weakness” recently versus their elderly brother just who the guy seen as being “perfect”, hence come immediately after his struggle with Todo along with his sight turning blue. Which stirred him to find out more on their birth and you can community, resulting in him to become about erratic than the his common temperament, fighting also their pupil and you may loved ones. His finding of insights brought about him to help you problem throughout the Real Get across Purchase plus take Rin about lead, showing a different sort of particular callousness and you can coldness.