Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) try Rin’s younger, fraternal twin brother

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Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) try Rin’s younger, fraternal twin brother

An even arrow and type-hearted naturally, he’s the latest youngest individual actually admission the fresh new Exorcist degree exam, reaching a good Meister in the Doctor and you may Dragoon, and soon after becomes an instructor on Correct Cross Academy, where he ironically works out teaching his more mature sibling about method of brand new Exorcist.

Physical appearance

Yukio enjoys teal eyes and you may dark brown hair. His most notable feature is actually a few moles around his remaining vision and something you to definitely around their mouth.

Regarding cartoon, Yukio can be seen having a mysterious black mark-on the underside of their left arm that is now beginning to spread during his human body. This may has something you should manage along with his amazing birthright since the Satan’s child additionally the Demonic powers he had been designed to enjoys shared with Rin, while the Yukio is actually found performing his everyday review also it responded, nevertheless the draw is never ever fully informed me regarding cartoon (although Shura looked like worried of the eyes from it).

Regarding the comic strip, while the awakening his Demonic efforts during the occurrence twenty-two, Yukio today and contains an identical Demonic has because the his brother, Rin, while in their person means (elizabeth.g. the fresh new quite indicated ears and you can clearer pets). While in his Demon function, he as well have a bluish flames, elf-like ears, and you may fangs.


While they was twins, Yukio is usually indexed become the opposite regarding Rin, and you will Ryuji also states that he finds out it tough to think that they are associated. Yukio is mainly named hushed and you will peaceful but tend to has moodiness. He is always viewed joyfully cheerful, but may effortlessly get sidetracked on account of Rin’s personality conflict, and becomes as an alternative black. The guy requires things definitely, however, the guy understands a tale when he hears you to definitely.

The guy doesn’t desire to participate in ‘unseemly’ steps. They are always timely and you will lectures Rin on the best way to function. Just like the manga continues on, Yukio will get about frustrated with their twin as Rin features doing something you to lay your at stake. If you find yourself Rin finally welcomes exactly what he could be therefore the simple fact that he could be Satan’s kid, Yukio just can’t frequently accept Rin while the an aunt instance the guy regularly.

On a few hours, they are shown to has a very competitive front side, even though they are decent at the concealing it. In the event the he could be pushed too much, he can gain a fiercely furious personality. His upset side is really so intense so it scares Rin when it will make in itself known. Then it down to his Demonic customs even though he did not to get Satan’s fire such as for instance Rin. Things that irritate your tend to be, however they are not restricted so you’re able to, individuals criticizing Shiro, Rin becoming “childish”, Shura’s teasing, getting leftover out from the cycle, anybody asking your when the they are alright, and being named “weak”.

Although he and you will Rin get along, in most cases, Yukio is normally slightly standoffish and you will aloof towards their cousin, seeking your annoying and not preference as he will not think anything courtesy. He has a key anger towards the Rin, not simply since the he or she is a devil while the man of Satan, and because he seems Rin is certainly one guilty of their adoptive dad’s death.

Yukio reach feel frustrated because of his https://www.datingranking.net/it/siti-di-incontri-europei-it/ very own “weakness” recently than the his more mature sister which the guy seen as being “perfect”, hence started immediately after their fight with Todo and his vision turning blue. It inspired him to find out more about his birth and you may traditions, causing your in order to become a lot more about erratic versus his usual demeanor, fighting even his scholar and friends. His development of one’s basic facts triggered your to defect throughout the Real Get across Order as well as capture Rin on the direct, exhibiting a unique kind of callousness and you can coldness.